Are leaders truly awake?

"Life is a dance of moments of awareness and unawareness. In that moment that we become aware that we have been unaware we awake, and we are empowered."

The success of any enterprise depends on the people responsible for the daily execution of decisions and tasks.

In many leaders, critical skills lie dormant and all that lies between individuals and optimal workplace success is an activation of awareness and development skills.

Mindful management of people development in organisations

In partnership with the Harrison Assessment, PsyGro works alongside leaders to identify key skill gaps for their leaders, teams, and organisation – with awareness as a critical starting point for progress. Through this process, you will be able to mindfully invest in and shape relevant and focused development initiatives and measure the growth progress of leaders, the team, and the organisation over time.

Make a meaningful investment as part of your business’s people development plans through a culture of mindful management.

Diagnostic and development assessments for leaders and to build and strengthen teams

Whether you hold a global leadership role, manage a small team, or are in a position of influence, elevate your effectiveness within your role through self-awareness and gaining additional insights into yourself. PsyGro’s use of various international and local assessment tools can assist in providing you with an in-depth awareness and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses and endow you with the skills to best manage and capitalise on these.

These assessments give leaders and teams an appreciation for the diversity of personalities and styles in a team and provide the skills to get the best out of individuals through understanding and acceptance of various styles – enabling people to work together productively.

Mindfully manage the impact and influence you have on others through highly-regarded assessment tools.

Leadership competency framework

In partnership with Harrison Assessment, PsyGro works alongside leaders in identifying and shaping a customised leadership framework for the leaders in their organisation.

Get the most out of your leaders by giving them an effective, tailormade structure in which to flourish.

Career assessments and “goodness of fit” assessments

The basis of career management is accurate self-assessment and having a realistic and grounded view of yourself in terms of self-perceived abilities, styles, preferences, skills, values, and motivators. At PsyGro, our focus is on increasing self-awareness of individual strengths, weaknesses, and liabilities and how this influences the choices we make and the career and work environment preferences we hold. Our various assessment tools will facilitate this and provide insight into how to capitalise strengths to inform crucial career decisions for future potential careers and career change.

Our psychometric assessments aim to enhance your recruitment and selection process by providing you with additional insight into what makes potential employees tick, reducing the risk of making the incorrect recruitment decision. Our assessments aim to facilitate insight into potential candidates and therefore inform the ‘goodness of fit’ between candidates and the role, team, and organisation as a whole. Once the right candidate is selected, the assessment information can be used to inform further individual and team development.

Empower leaders, teams, and business with key insights as they mindfully shape their possibility.

Enhance the ability of your team.

Identify and shape a customised solution to get the most out of the current business landscape and meet the rigors of future change curves and challenges.