About Us

We partner with leaders in business in shaping a leadership model that brings respect and humanity into the workplace and leverages the power of people in performance.

We appreciate people, we appreciate business, and we appreciate the power of leadership.

We apply ourselves mindfully to partnering alongside leaders in business in co-creating customised solutions that are geared to empowering and transforming both the leadership of the organisation and the organisation itself.

In the journeys we create with you, we believe in landing the significant, “heavy stuff” in light-hearted, participative ways that encourage awakening, engagement, experiential learning, empowerment, and transformative leadership.

We aim to equip you, your leaders, and your teams with insights, skills, and tools that everyone can use with confidence to create immediate positive impacts in their way of working. We use globally-proven tools applied in innovative ways by local experts with grounded experience to help you transform yourself, your leaders, your teams and your business.

Principles we engage in our ways of working

Diplomatically direct

Making a difference


Personal growth

Productive, respectful relationships

Professional ethics

The history of PsyGro ownership

PsyGro was originally founded by Lidia Vosloo in 1986 and has been journeying alongside leaders and their organisations for over 20 years. Lidia was a registered Clinical Psychologist who brought a talent for a psychodynamic understanding of “what makes people tick” to the organisation. Lidia retired in June 2009 and Trudy Tanner joined the team, taking the helm as the new owner of PsyGro.

PsyGro in present-day ownership

At PsyGro, we believe that leadership is the key to influencing peoples lives, transforming an organisation’s performance, and elevating human connection in ways that extend beyond the walls of work.

An organisation’s culture is a competitive advantage that lies in the control of it’s leaders. We believe that all it truly takes is for leader to lead awake in their influence – to ensure that they are consciously tapping into, constructively shaping, and mindfully leveraging the collective ‘magic’ that their people bring into their business. Through the individual expertise of every member of the PsyGro team, we are poised to give businesses fundamental insights into their most important asset: their people. Partnering with leaders, we work alongside them in designing bespoke business solutions which will have far-reaching effects on the organisation and the valuable individuals within it.

The Psygro Team
Sam Lunow
Psychometrist, Facilitator, and Consultant
Michelle Wright
Client Liaison
Dawn Tanner
Alice Dlamini
Facilitator & Coach
Jason Tanner
Independent Finance Manager
Collaborating with…
Joint Prosperity
JVR Psychometrics
Psytech SA