Do you feel like teams should be capable of more?

"If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." - Antoine De Saint

By understanding individual and collective dynamics within a team, certain fundamental shifts can take place which influences overall effectiveness.

Failure to address team member attitude within a team increases the risk of friction as well the risk of weakening cohesiveness and collaboration, impacting on the creation of high-performance teams – the core of successful business strategy and focus.

This silent silo-mentality creeps into teams and has a dire effect on productivity, performance, and effectiveness. This attitude results in:













How can you consciously shape high-performance teams?

The answer lies in team member relationships that are characterised by a healthy attitude, common objective, and mutual trust which fosters collaboration, encourages creativity and diversity, reduces conflict and increases commitment to the team. When mutual trust and understanding is present, it enables team members to better interpret one another’s behaviour and allows a sense of psychological safety to emerge. This makes way for an environment that:

  • Has open lines of communication
  • Is safe and accepting of questions in shaping the vision, purpose, and goals of the business
  • Has transparent information processes to drive high-quality decision-making
  • Has constructive conflict management norms, thereby encouraging diversity of thinking in promoting creative and innovative thinking, accountability in taking initiative and managing risk, as well as assertive peer management in influencing individual, team and business effectiveness.

At PsyGro, we partner with teams as a catalyst in their team conversations. We introduce teams to their individual and collective personality and behavioural dynamics and explore the development of key interpersonal skills such as effective communication, emotional intelligence, effective handling of conflict, and collaboration as focal points in their development as they strive to lead authentically and effectively.

Create a high-performance mindset within your teams.

Mindful leader integration

A study done for Harvard Business School Press has shown it takes an average of 6.2 months for a new leader to reach break-even point – where the leader is contributing as much as they consume*. For a new leader, finding smart ways to establish connections, build strong relationships, and establish goals and team and organisational needs is critical to individual and team success. PsyGro works with leaders and their teams to:

  • Shorten the time required for a new leader and team to “figure one another out” and get up to full speed.
  • Identify and target barriers to peak/high performance, thereby reducing guesswork and misconceptions.
  • Create a safe environment to communicate openly in confronting and dealing with issues.
*Michael Watkins, The First 90 days Harvard Business School Press, 2003

Mindfully integrate new leaders into teams for peak performance.

Awakening leaders in shaping high-performance teams

In today’s business world, teams are in constant states of re-organisation, with new teams being created and recurrent changes in team composition taking place as individuals and leaders change. To build high-performance teams usually takes time as team members attempt to figure one another out and become a cohesive group with clear, common goals. In today’s world where there is an expectation of a swift return from both individuals and teams in terms of value realisation, time is a scarce commodity.

In preparing the ground for shaping engaged teams in driving growth and high performance, PsyGro supports you by increasing the consciousness and collaborative capacity of individuals in teams through the mindful awareness of their own and the team’s internal landscapes. Collaboration is the cornerstone of teamwork. In shaping conscious, courageous, connected leaders, PsyGro works with teams so they can mindfully gauge where and how to focus time and energy through a culture of confident collaboration. This gives them a better understanding of the dynamics and influence of behavioural styles and shows them how to best capitalise on complementary strengths in the team and identify key focus areas in the development of a high-performance team.

Create a shared team identity and sense of purpose with clear priorities in building trust and relationships among team members to ensure a dedicated group effort toward a common goal.

Courageous conversations

Successful leadership is underpinned by shifting attitude from a state of reactive behaviour to a state of mindful, responsive, engaging behaviour. PsyGro partners alongside you to create a learning environment in which leaders’ confidence, capability, and skills are shaped to form a paradigm shift in their communication and relationships. Leaders are equipped with how-to tools that translate into observable new behaviour in the workplace.

Shape leaders confident in their interpersonal abilities and ability to tackle on-going challenges.

Appreciating the diversity of “us” in the workplace

In building a common language amongst themselves, teams are able to enhance their effectiveness within a team and organisation. PsyGro works alongside clients on journeys customised to individual teams through which they can develop a high-level appreciation and understanding of themselves, each other, and the value they bring to their teams and organisation through recognition of character, preferences, and tendencies.

Get insight into team character, its working processes, and available team resources.

Appreciating the dynamics of communication

The importance of good communication lies at the core of successful teams and businesses. PsyGro supports clients in introducing and initiating trust among team members, encouraging them to co-operate on various problem-solving activities.

Develop leaders’ verbal and non-verbal communication tools for a strengthened business

Building emotional capability in teams

The most successful teams have a team culture that gives people permission and confidence to tune in and bring a balance of their thinking, their emotion, and their instinct into their team communication and ways of working. PsyGro has developed a programme designed to pave the way for leaders and teams to maximise their value from growing their emotional capability. Strengthen discussions, decisions, and team dynamics by equipping teams with the means to collaboratively navigate the way forward in the most impactful way.

Tap into individual emotional intelligence to enhance team success.

Strategic strengthening of teams

In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business landscape, in trying to maintain standards, focus is often lost – and your business will feel the effects. Failure to strategise around change and the challenges that arise during times of change can create undue burdens on teams. PsyGro works with teams with specific focus on skills development where the status quo is in a state of flux – allowing businesses to strategise for long-term consistency.

Give your team the skill set to prime themselves to confidently meet and engage with shifting business circumstances.

Enhance the ability of your team.

Identify and shape a customised solution to get the most out of the current business landscape and meet the rigors of future change curves and challenges.